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Global Health Insurance Conference, GloHIC



08:30  |  Registration & Networking

Start the day with a cup of tea or coffee and tasty pastry while you meet and greet delegates

08:45 | Keynote Address
Theme: “Inclusive Health, Healthcare and Health Insurance”

KEYNOTE SPEAKER | Name, Job Title, Company, COUNTRY

09:00 | TBA

, Global Head of Health Reinsurance Partnerships, AXA, SINGAPORE

09:45 | A Community Centric Approach to Healthcare: The UAE Experience.

– Healthcare Advancements in the UAE
– Innovation in Service Delivery and Preventive Care
– Adaptable Health Legislations for a Changing World

SPEAKER | HE Dr. Amin Al AMIRI, Assistant Undersecretary of Health Policy & Licensing, Ministry of Health & Prevention, UAE

10:30 | Tea Break & Networking

11:00 | The Challenges of the Crisis Through the Health Insurance Model in Bulgaria

– Situational Analysis
– Condition of the Health System and the NHIF
– Impacts and Possible Solutions
– Conclusions and Lessons

SPEAKER | Petko SALCHEV, Governor, National Health Insurance Fund, BULGARIA

11:30 | Innovative Technology in Social Health Insurance

– Social Health Insurance in Sub-Saharan Africa
– Using Mobile Technology
– Informal Sector
– Poor and Vulnerable

Speaker | Dr. Lydia DSANE-SELBY, C.E.O., National Health Insurance Authority, GHANA

12:00 | The Future of Health Insurance – And How to Navigate it

Speaker | Lina BEHRENS, Managing Director, Flying Health, GERMANY

12:30 | Business Lunch

13:30 | Engage With Customer of Tomorrow: Human Centric Digital Offerings

– Adapt to Evolving Buying Behavior of Customers via Convenient Delivery
• Go Beyond “tick a box”
• Stay Connected and Develop Stronger Engagement with Customers Using Mobile Technology to Centralize Expertise
– Focus on Remote and Preventive Healthcare
• Give More Emphasis on Sustaining Well-being and Preventive Healthcare than Responding to Illness

SPEAKER | Deniz Yazgan YÖRÜK, Complementary Health Insurance Commercial Lead and Head of Operations, NN, TURKEY

14:00 | Inclusive Health Care

– Inclusive Health Care Aim
– Challenges in Improving Quality in Inclusive Health Care
– Design and Planning of Improvement
– Sustainability Spread and Unintended Consequences

SPEAKER | Dr. Ahmad SHAHRMAN, General Manager, Euro Assist, EGYPT

14:30 | Innovation in Health Insurance System: Increasing Informal Sector Pool Using Adoption Model

– Overview of Health Insurance Coverage in Nigeria and Anambra State
– Factors Responsible for Poor Informal Sector Enrolment
– Adoption Model as a Solution for Informal Sector Enrolment
– Impact of the Adoption Model and Future Plan

SPEAKER | Dr. Simeon Beluonwu ONYEMAECHI, Special Adviser on Health to the Governor and Executive Secretary/CEO, Anambra State Health Insurance Agency (ASHIA), NIGERIA

15:00 | Tea Break & Networking

15:30 | Global Health Insurance: War, Disaster and Pandemic

– Discuss Global Health Insurance Claims Processing for War and Disaster Settings
– Define and Describe COVID-19 Pandemic Impact to Global Health Insurance: Claims, Access to Care and Onset of Remote Site Work and Telemedicine
– Describe Novel Approaches to Remote Medicine and Global Health Insurance Products

SPEAKER | Dr. John QUINN, Medical Director, Tangiers International, CZECH REPUBLIC

16:00 | Global Healthcare Interface Advancements

– Remote Healthcare Surgeries from One to another country without travel
– Future impact of ML and AI on Global Healthcare
– Advancement of Healthcare interface (Insurance, and Cross boarder)
– Maximize the revenue post COVID-19 (Hopefully POST)

SPEAKER | Dr. Mohammad Afzal SIDDIQUI, Founder & CEO, Marlin Medical Assistance Pvt. Ltd., INDIA

16:30 | Advantages of Cooperation with Patients Organizations and Insurance Industry

– What is a Patients Organization
– Patients Advisory Board at VZP
– Benefits of Information Exchange
– Problem Solving Without Media or Courts

SPEAKER | Jana M. PETRENKO, Director, Coalition for Health, CZECH REPUBLIC

17:00  |  End of Day One

Light Refreshment & Networking

DAY TWO: Friday, 18 MARCH 2022

08:30  |  Registration & Networking

Start the day with a cup of tea or coffee and tasty pastry while you meet and greet delegates

09:00 | TBA

SPEAKER | Name, Job Title, Company, COUNTRY

09:45 | The Future of Health and Health Insurance

SPEAKER | TBC, Allianz,

10:30 | Tea Break & Networking

11:00 | Driving Value Through Episodes of Care

– US health insurers (government and commercial) are investing in changes that are driving consistent value for federal fee for service programs (Medicare) and for private health plans. That value comes from improving care in post-acute settings, reducing the intensity of those settings whenever appropriate, and reducing the overall length of stay.
– Lessons learned and investments made in this program are transforming care delivery to non-Medicare patient populations as providers’ adoption of care redesign efforts take root system-wide.
– This presentation will highlight best practices in episode-based care and payment design in government and private sector programs and resulting cost and quality improvement.

SPEAKER | Kim HOLLAND, SVP, Government Affairs, Signify Health, USA 

11:30 | Healthcare Insurance Provisioning Best Practice: Tackling Fraud Waste and Abuse

– Are We Looking at the Right Issues?
– Are Fraud Waste and Abuse Here to Stay?
– Choosing Wisely and Evidence-Based-Medicine as Approaches to Lower Overuse and Tackle Fraud
– Specialists’ Role and Proposed Involvement
– Implementing a Proven Solution to Assure Care Quality and Lower Costs

SPEAKER | Nir KAMINER, Director, MedRev International, IRELAND

12:00 | Minimizing Future Risk Through Smart Policy Language for Global Health Insurance Companies

– Concentration on a US Perspective
– US is the World’s Most Expensive Country for Healthcare
– Minimizing Claims Exposure Through Policy Language
– Minimizing Legal Risk Through Policy Language
– Global Perspective

SPEAKER | Raija Hoppula ITZCHAKI, CEO, RI Consulting, USA

12:30 | Business Lunch

13:30 | The Role of Community Insurance in Reaching Universal Health Coverage: A Case of Kilimanjaro Region

– Low Income Countries has Very Low Number of People in Formal Employment, Hence Collection of Premium via Salary Deduction is Almost Impossible.
– Informal Economy Collect Less Tax, Therefore Difficult for Government to Subsidize 100% of Premium (Tax Based Finance)
– In Most Trials Done in Africa, Community Insurance were Fragmented, has Mismanagement of Funds and Small Pool (Enrollment) Hence No Cross Subsidization, Most of Them Failed
– Our Pilot Shows That Using Insurance Principals to Operate Community Scheme can Help to Increase Coverage and Support Reaching UHC


14:00 | Health Insurance as a Major Driver of Healthcare in Emerging Markets

– Presentation of Existing Situation of Healthcare
– Existing Healthcare Insurance Structures
– Identifying the Needs and the Gap
– Possible Solutions

SPEAKER | Michael AVERBUKH, Founder and CEO, QED Consulting LDA, PORTUGAL

14:30 | The Battle Between Technology and Personal Contact In the Customers Journey

– Pace of Adoption of Tech
– Role of Tech in Customer Journey
– Tension Between Tech and Human Contact
– Merging between the Two

SPEAKER | Eithan WOLF, CEO, PassportCard Deutschland GmbH, GERMANY

15:00 | Tea Break & Networking

15:30 | TBA

SPEAKER | David T. YOUSSEF, Managing Director, MEAA, VIP Universal Medical Group, Ltd. (VUMI), UAE

16:00 | Digital Health and Its Impact on Global Health Insurance

– How Digital Health Can Enable Insurer Business Models
– Key Challenges For Insurers in Expanding Deployment of Digital Health, and How to Overcome These
– Future of Outcome and Value Based Contracts Enabled by Digital Health and How These Impact Insurers


16:30 | How a Messaging App Can Reduce Healthcare Expenditures

– Messaging Apps in Healthcare
– How to Improve an Interdisciplinary and Cross-Sectoral Communication in Healthcarere
– How to Reduce Medical/Healthcare Expenditures and Improve the Patient’s Outcome
– Case Study: Stroke

SPEAKER | Sebastian von LOVENBERG, VP Europe and Head of DACH, Allm EMEA Gmbh, GERMANY

17:00  |  End of Day Two (Closing Remark)

Farewell Drinks & Networking

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